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Technical Capability 

Mother Glass370 x 400mm and under
Thickness0.4, 0.55, 0.7, 1.1mm
Pixel PitchMinimum 10um
Display ModePositive and negative
Optic ModeReflective, transflective, transmissive
Color ModeYellow green, green, gray, black & white, blue
Package TechnologySMT, COB, TAB, COG, COF
ConnectionZebra, pin, heat seal, FFC, FPC
BacklightLED, EL, CCFL
TFTScreen Size (diagonal)1.8" - 20"
BrightnessUp to 1,500 nits
OptionDriving board, inverter, touch screen

Value Added Capability

●  Pin headers, connectors and cables

●  LED’s

●  Controller board, inverter, touch screen

●  Open frame, monitor

Production Capacity

TypeProduction Capacity
LCD370 x 400 Mother Glass150K sheets/month
LCMCOG4M pcs/month
TAB1.1M pcs/month
COB1M pcs/month
COF2.4M pcs/month
SMT144K pcs/month
TFT   680 x 880 Mother Glass15K sheets/month
Driving board50K pcs/month
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